Monday, March 26, 2012

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - or should I say Tim & Faith? We're practically that close now...

On Saturday night Tammy took me to the Tim McGraw & Faith Hill concert, which she bought us tickets for for my birthday last year, aaaah!!! :) MORE AAAAAHHHH because we had FRONT ROW SEATS!!!!! Awesome!!! and... AAAAAAHHH!!! :)

We went and saw Tim McGraw last time he was here a year and a half ago, and we did not have front row seats. I had morning sickness, and Tammy was wasted, and there were 2 preshows, who were kind of boring, and went until 9:30, and we'd had some very bad venue food for dinner (like, an onion roll or something?)and by the time Tim came on we were both exhausted. Which was pretty tragic! Tim was very scripted also, and kind of stiff audience-wise. He was amazingly fit though, and jumped up and down while singing, and... it's just a shame we were so tired!! lol :)

Anyway, Tammy bought me these tickets last year, and we have been very excited. I thought I might have morning sickness again and was a bit worried about that, but I remain alone here in my body, and am well and good and fit was feeling extremely excited and up for a fabulous concert Saturday night :)

When we got to our front row seats we giggled a little, because they were front row on our far right of the stage (Tim & Faith's left), and were like, past the stage. As in the stage ended about 2m to our left :) We looked at the people just to our left and Tammy sighed that they were just half a mouse click faster than her in ordering their tickets! :)

As the concert progressed, however, it became apparent that our tickets, ROCKED!!! :) Only people on the front row were allowed to go closer to the stage, so we weren't crowed, but were able to stand and go over to where the stage started :) Then there was the whole - both Tim and Faith totally seemed to favour our side of the stage (no complaints!) and spent a great deal of time singing to us! I mean us. Us us. As in, Abby and Tammy.

As Tammy put it, "Tim totally sung his flirt line" to me!!! He came over, and shook my hand (okay, and everyone else's in our section... :)), and I took a picture as he sang to us, and then he started walking away, but then he came over and knelt in front of me, and sung a whole line, just to me, and Tammy said he had a twinkle in his eye! lol - she actually got a little indignant, and said she was thinking 'Hey! - She's married with 2 children!' and then she thought 'Hey! So are you!' - but we're both pretty sure he was just excited to have a 16 year old in the audience, as we're pretty sure that's how old he thought I was. I was laughing - it was pretty funny and awesome!! Faith also came and shook hands our way, and when she saw me taking her picture right in front of her, she came and sung right to my camera!! Sadly it made for a slightly scary shot, as her mouth was wide open in robust song! :) Awesome :)

At the start Tammy didn't want to shake their hands, but I was totally into the concert experience this time - who knows when I'll attend another not pregnant after all - and was not going to let her pass up a front row experience so I practically pushed her forward to shake Tim's hand. I shook his hand about 18 times lol. Oh - and he came into the audience right next to our seats, so I dashed over there again (seeing as we had shifted to actually be in front of the stage, and this was TOTALLY a part of embracing a concert experience fully!), except so did everyone else, and I got totally crushed up right next to him. It's pretty funny how he just shakes everyone's hand over and over - I'm pretty sure this is where he shook my hand 15 of the 18 times, and then it was funny, I was right next to him so I kid of patted him on the shoulder lol. But after a moment the crowd was pushing on me, really hard! If it had gone on a moment longer I was about to ask the security guards to help me out because I felt like I was going to faint! But suddenly Tim went back onstage and everyone moved away, thank goodness! I went back to Tammy (who had totally not embraced this part of the concert experience - crazy! :)) and kept dancing, but had to go back and sit for a moment because I still felt like I was going to faint. Lol - Concert loser :)

The only other scary moment of the concert came when I was fiddling with my rings and I dropped my engagement ring somewhere on the floor!!! It was dark, and there were so many feet in the way!!! Frantically praying Tammy and I searched and found the ring pretty quickly, phew!! As I stood up, the women next to me were looking at me questioningly and so I popped out my finger and explained 'I dropped my wedding ring!!!!' - they were appropriately sympathetically shocked and relieved that I'd found it - bless concert goers :)

About them - we were discussing the funny demographic of people who buy front row tickets to concerts! - The die hard fans, and the really rich people. The ones with no shame, the ones with too much alcohol, and the ones who quietly enjoy their front row position without shaking hands with the stars whose hands are probably at this point let's face it, filthy! :) (like Tammy tried to be..).

OH but before I move to photos, for everyone who's still reading, 2 funny moments of the show:

1) There was a really, crazy drunk guy, really really enjoying the concert with his wife and another guy and his wife next to us. Crazy drunk guy was singing his heart out, and trying to sing with every woman in the place. His wife was too busy watching the concert to appear to care or notice what he was doing, and she's probably used to the way he is when he drinks. Anyway he was pretty funny, but we were mostly avoiding singing along with him, because he kept giving his number to every lady there and making them pose in pictures with him. An older lady behind us was party to this treatment, and she seemed quite flattered, while her husband yawned and scratched his back behind her. Anyway, he yelled out to Faith a few times how much he loved her, and she laughed and said 'thanks!' and 'I love you too!' (she was very fan friendly), and then near the end she came over our way again, and he turned and pointed his iphone at her with his face there to get a photo 'with Faith', and she tooootally bend right down with her face next to him and pulled a funny cute almost Zoolander-ish but more of a smile... face for the photo. When I saw the picture he got I almost gave him Tammy's number so he could text it to her and I could post it, because it is the perfect picture of him and Faith Hill!!! It was awesome - he's not going to remember how he got it, but he's going to LOVE it when the hangover wears off!!! It was pretty cool, and pretty funny.

2) After Faith and Tim finished singing their 'last' song, people started leaving, and drunk guy yelled at everyone not to leave, because "they're singing an encore and they're going to KISS at the end of THIS song!!!!!" (we're thinking drunk guy had a friend who attended the night before... or it may have been his second appearance...). Faith and Tim came out for their encore, and there were 2 chairs put at the front centre of the stage, with one of those old school radio-type mikes between them, with 2 microphones. They sat close to each other and held each other's knees (Tim totally then grabbed up Faith's legs and like, lay on her while she sung her bits, Tammy and I were constructing her thoughts "Tim - I let you sing your part, please stop laying on me and let me sing mine!!") and sung their duet 'I need you', in which the lyrics get a tiny bit repetitive near the end:
Tim: I need you I need you I need you I need you
Faith: I need you I need you I need you I need you
(dramatic pause before the final joint 'I need you', followed by a big kiss for the fans)
- except that during the "dramatic pause before the final joint 'I need you', someone further back in the audience screamed out "I NEED BOTH OF YOU!!!!" at the top of his lungs, and the entire audience burst out laughing. Faith seemed to have a bit of a giggle and grinned really bit during the last line and kiss, but Tim didn't seem impressed. So the whole big finale and kiss was tooootally ruined, because everyone was too busy laughing to enjoy the romantic moment they were having for us. Classic. I don't know that Tim McGraw will come back, but it was pretty funny :)

Anyway, you're probably sick of me TELLING you about the concert so I guess we'll get to the pictures!!!

Don't jump to any conclusions, that's not Faith - it's just me, with Tammy, at the beginning of the concert (after the pre-show, Eli Young, which was better than last year's preshow, but before Tim and Faith came out.)

Totally jump to conclusions now - this one's Tim, singing to me, before I put away the camera and he got down on his knee and really sang to me. An important part of the full concert experience, I feel.

Again, conclusions welcome - this is Faith belting it out into my camera. A little scary I know, but still cool. That woman is absolutely beautiful, and had a lovely personality and an incredible voice. I really and truly believe, and have for quite some time now, that we could be best friends!!!! (haha not really, but - movie?? :))

This one is Tim, about to shake Tammy's hand - that's Tammy's hand, waving in front of the photo, just after I literally pushed her forward to wave her hand in front of his face and get a good handshake in there - seriously, front row and not interested?? :) When we went to Keith Urban when I was 8 months pregnant with Ana and we were so close to the stage, I was too fat and uncomfortable to get up and walk up to the stage (was sooo tempted to say 'Will you sign my baby??' - but it would've been slightly inappropriate lol. I think he totally would have done it!! Anyway, it was dumb, and I hated that I couldn't even dance for more than half a song without sitting down and giving my kankles a rest! Ah how I love a good Keith Urban concert, and how this Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert ROCKED!! :)) Okay right about that picture I was about to post...

And here are a bunch of them together. Faith Hill actually did a set at the beginning, then Tim came out and they sung 'Like We Never Loved at All' - my favourite duet of theirs, and Faith went off and Tim did a set, then they did a few songs together, then of course their cool encore. Let's start with that:

Romantic, huh? Now imagine someone screaming "I NEED BOTH OF YOU!!" and ruining their moment... :) Sad, but pretty hard not to laugh! :)

Aren't they cute?? :)

Ahhh it was a very awesome night, especially because we embraced it - I'm pretty sure shaking Tim's hand that time doubled the awesomeness of the whole front row seats at a concert that time, right Tammy?? And speaking of you, THANKYOU SO MUCH for taking me Tammy - this concert ROCKED!!! :) And next time we attend a country concert we are buying cute cowgirl boots WITH the tickets!!! :) Awesome :) xo


Ariel & Family said...

Sounded like you and Tammy had a Blast! I see your no longer on fb, need to ask you something about toilet training! :) love the pictures! Xx

Stace said...

Bless you and your long writing posts!! :) I wish I could've had the money to go with Britt and Mum!

Sandy M. said...

This was fun :) Fun to read and obviously a lot of fun to attend. If there is a next time, perhaps you ought to invite them to come for dinner one night :) You are that close now.. :)

Bec and Michael said...

Ooh...I wanted to go to that concert sooooo bad! (But Husband bought me a puppy instead) LOL ;)

Sounds like you both had a wonderful time :)

And well done with getting both Tim AND Faith to sing to you ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know what the song was that they played just before the start of the concert? I was at the Sydney show, it was amazing! :)

Lauren said...

Oh I chuckled when you said you should his hand 18 times!

I lvoed reading this! seemed like you had an awesome time!!


Jen said...

We're going on the 12th .I know a lot of his older songs! My sister bought these tickets for me and my husband, she really wanted us to go to this concert with her, lol. I like Tim McGraw but I am not sure if I know much of his newest music...

Tim Mcgraw tickets said...

Good show, I got a copy of pro-shot video from one of the 4 shows he did last year in Chicago.