Monday, July 18, 2011

Fitness Challenge: Week 2

So I started off this week feeling aMAzing! On Monday when I did my 'unassisted squats' (ie. not the ones with my back pressed up against the wall - fancy term I know - I have trouble keeping up myself! :P), instead of feeling like an underqualified bowl of jelly wobbling my way up and down in agony and helplessness on the verge of collapse, I actually felt muscles doing what they're apparently meant to do, lifting me up and down, and I had a brief glimpse of why superfit people with muscles don't hate exercising!!

I even told James about it!

BIG mistake!!

Apparently, if it's not hard, it's not working. That's what James says. What he means is, if you don't feel like a hopeless mess who's on the verge of collapse, you're not working.


By Saturday's routine I was actually sobbing between sets.

YOU try squatting with 15kgs! (If you do this all the time, I don't want to hear about it.)

After picking the weight up I put it back down and started laughing - I really thought it was a joke. James looked at me like I was a little left of center and assured me he wasn't joking. I realised he was serious and tightened my position - "No James, I literally, can't do that! I can barely pick them up, let alone lift them as part of an exercise!". James then looked at me very seriously (but still like I was a crazy person) and promised me I could do it. He wasn't budging! I tried to reassure him again but he remarked with a little irritation that I just needed to stop 'sooking'. I think that's when I lost it - I wasn't sooking, I was serious!! So James said 'Okay, do whatever you want then' and walked away (to go and do the dishes - isn't he great? lol) leaving me to it. So I channelled my immense anger at his overconfidence and the 'sooking' remark into sobbing through 4 sets of squats, lunges, pull-ups and some arm thing that absolutely killed with the horrible impossible weights wobbling at the ends of my pathetically weak arms!

I then began my tread-milling with a vengeance, but sadly my heart rate was high from the crazy weights and I had to walk a ridiculously slow 0.8k/hr till it calmed down. It was like trying to make a dramatic exit and closing your dress in the door behind you or something - a little bit pathetic. It did calm me down eventually though, enough to apologise to James for getting upset when he was trying to help me. I did point out in my apology that he was pretty hard on me though! James: Hard on you?! You did 4 sets, completely unassisted! I was being easy on you, you just need to stop sooking and do it! (sigh). We are definitely from different planets lol.

BUT guess what ?! I am 2kg's down!!! Only 6ish to go!! And I look better and feel better and fit clothes better!!! :)

No matter how much I complain to him when I feel like he's giving me impossible tasks, I am so grateful that James is helping and supporting me so much, and watching the girls to give me time to work out!! I'm going to have to stop trying to tell him things are too hard because he said he doesn't want to have to argue with me every day and may stop helping me if I keep 'sooking' (hmph!). James assures me building the weight won't make me look too muscled, just help me be fit and strong, so I'll try really hard.

This week some friends came over for dinner and I made chocolate profiteroles for dessert for my one treat for the week and I've got to say - having one fabulous treat a week instead of lots of everyday treats may even be worth the wait! And the weight! :)

2 weeks of this crazy fit lifestyle down, 10 to go - unless I become bodywashed and have to keep it up! I wonder :)

PS: I'm sooo winning this - I get like, 500 bonus points for every kg I lose! Our children are going to be sooo impressed by my name on that trophy ;)


Jessima said...

Go Abby! You totally rock :) I know it is hard, but at least James is there supporting you, even if you wish his technique was different.

Keep up the breastfeeding, diet and exercise and you totally will look hot ;) Maybe even treat yourself to a new swim suit for this summer :)
Love Jessima

Bec and Michael said...

I have to say Abby, Im (almost?) feeling inspired to re-do the fitness challenge myself, because my clothes (too) are fitting more snugly than I like...having said that of course, its soooo easy to just buy the next size up when you've got eBay at your fingertips!! (ok, did I just give myself away??) I think we will also be cutting down on the (frequent) treats. I had trouble last time drinking that INSANE amount of water...and eating before 7 (as I dont get home till after 7). The 2kg loss sounds great though! Congratulations!!

brettnkayla said...

great work, keep it up! i went on a no carbs for 12 weeks diet plus my usual visits to the gym 2-4 times a week and lost 14.5 kgs in 12 weeks...all my baby weight plus more gone! so good luck to you and keep going!

talz said...

:) I am SO proud of you! you big sook! haha.. :P I can so relate.. in a different but similar way... I agree 'we are totally from different planets' lol.
I think it's awesome what you're doing and I can not wait to have my body back and become fit again!
Also I'm loving feeling comfortable in clothing, you are a life saver!
see you guys again soon xo

Sandy M. said...

Go Abby!!
However, methinks that James is every bit and more competitive than you (I'm guessing more), so I know that you will have a run :) for your money/trophy.
Well done so far! You'll love being really fit again.

Chelle said...

Go Abby!!!!! We are rooting for you. Oh, except lowey is on james' team... um.. ok, Summer is with you - that's 2 against 1 from the Lowes!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

Stace said...

Abs... we need to talk. lol

Tammy Lorna said...

LOL! You're right, the post was totally worth reading... lol! I love that I know you and James both well enough to have been able to watch that scene like a movie in my head as I was reading it :)

(keep going, it will be AWESOME if you beat him... :))

xoxo Tammy