Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My One in a Million

There are many things you have a 1 in a million chance for, and I'm guessing you only get one or so in a lifetime. So good news - I'm hopefully not going to get some strange disease that only 1 person in a million gets, or die in some weird one in a million freak accident. Unfortunately I'm probably also not going to win the lottery (my chances are quite low anyway seeing as we don't buy the tickets, sigh), or get some great one in a million prize, because I was the one in a million today.

I called Centrelink to make a correction. I allowed myself the usual 20 minutes of hold time before they answer, and then another 10-15 for them to realise what I'm talking about and fix it (I talk to these people waaay too often!). Once the machine had finished talking to me, I sat in my 'on hold' spot, with Solitaire at my fingertips, only to have the phone picked up immediately!! I didn't even go on hold at all! AND the guy didn't put me on hold to fix my problem, I just waited like, half a second and it was done! It was incredible! One in a million!!

And that's why I'll never win the lotto.


Sandy M. said...

You wrote on your FHH&L blog!
The ironically funny thing is - that you probably felt just a little bit cheated out of that game of Solitaire! lol
I'm going to tell Dad about this. But I am going to make sure he is sitting down first :)

Jonny and Jessima said...

haha, gotta love days like that :)

Bethany said...

Yay! I've only ever had a couple of things to do with centrelink. The last one was just to 'duck in' to the building to tell them of my change of circumstances and probably get taken out of the system because I no longer qualify (I was only getting $13.50 a fortnight so I wasn't that fussed :P)

Poor Robbie was waiting forEVER! And we were late getting to wherever we needed to go.
First they got me to fill in some forms, then realised I needed different forms. Then said my problem was actually something different. Then got me to make a call and be on hold forever to finally talk to someone who told me something completely different. Then they got me to wait for a 'meeting' with some. The poor lady I finally met with thought my problem (whatever this 'problem' was) was somthing different that was only meant to take a minute beacuse she was due to go home in 2 mins. So then it tooks another 20 mins of her time.
ANYWAY, after 3.5 hrs they decided that I would no longer qualify for Centrelink (duh) and I could go.

Anyway, the point of my story is that you're right - you're never going to win the lotto.