Saturday, January 30, 2010


I did it!!! I had a baby!!! As I've mentioned labour's terrified me my whole entire life, so I feel like I've conquered Everest!! :) Maggie is sooooo beautiful, I can't believe she's ours and we get to keep her and raise her! I had a long labour, but one of the first feelings I remember having after she was finally born was that I would do it all again - they're right about that euphoric feeling you get :)

It is pretty exhausting keeping up with our tiny newborn, we have had a wonderful week! My milk came in (much to my surprise - I was scared I wouldn't be able to feed), and she was back at birthweight within 4 days and is growing every day, very healthy and strong!!! It hurt a lot to feed her especially at first, but it's getting easier!

Last night I was feeding and I looked down at my ankles and realised they are ankles again, not kankles!!! They are fabulous - they are so skinny (compared to the times by ten size they were before) I feel like I need to be careful or I'll snap them lol. I am surprised how quick my recovery's been - I guess it's the first baby thing.

James has been wonderful getting up and helping with putting Maggie back to sleep after feeds, and she adores him.

I've started a private blog so I can put pictures and details up about Maggie and not worry, so if you're interested and not a random, let me know your email address and I can invite you to read about her.

It's the most wonderful feeling in the world, we feel so blessed!!! :)


Jonny and Jessima said...

You have done a wonderful job Abby! Your new life is going to bring you so much joy.

We hope you can do it over and over again, because you did such a great job first time!
Love xo

Kaili said...

Well done, I am so proud of you! I just can't wait to meet her in person! Please invite me to your blog, I'd love to see your life as a mummy to little Maggie

Keith and Cathy Atkinson said...

Well done and congratulations on your new baby girl. Am looking forward to seeing the photos. Bec says hi to and cant wait for photos

Bec Davis said...

We would love to see pictures of your little girl!!

Cody and Jill said...

YEAH CONGRATS!!!! i want to see pictures so bad

Sandy M. said...

No only did you 'did it' but you did it so wonderfully well. Seeing you managing so well during the labour - I was just so proud of you both! Almost 60 hours is a long time to have such strong and frequent contractions, but you were both fantastic :)
It sure is worth it though, isn't it? :)


Kara said...

HI Abby,
I also love sneaking in and reading your blog. So fun to have a newborn.
Remember every minute because in a few months your baby brain will kick in again and you will forget what they were like when you just bought them home. Also make sure you call the ABA helpline if you have any breastfeeding questions...they are great!


ClaireM said...

Congrats Abby & James....I want to see photos!!! my email addy is

I always have a laugh with your blogs! and it's good to see that you have your ankles back now!

Tammy Lorna said...

Yay for your ankles!

and your CUTE CUTE CUTE little girl. Can't wait to see her again soon :)

xo Tammy

Keith and Cathy Atkinson said...
We would love to see piccies adn hear how you are going

Stephanie said...

Congrads! So happy for you guys! Im glad you are recovering from labour, its tough but the reward so so worth it. Enjoy motherhood, it slips by so fast before you know it you have a three yr old!

Steph, Seth, Eliana, & Baby in tummy

Maioha said...

Hey Abby, I'd love to see more of little Maggie and your blog :-)

Bec and Michael said...

Hey Abby Its Michael. I cant remember your email address so could you please send me the link to your other blog. my email is