Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Too Early!

Earlier this evening I was sitting at the computer proofreading James’ uni assignment, when I scratched my tummy. To my horror, as I scratched a little patch of skin next to my belly button, I felt something that should not yet be possible! I lifted my shirt up a little and looked down, to see, for the first time in my memory, my belly button: sticking out. In shock I pulled my hand away, and my outie went back home. I tentatively reached back and pushed the skin around my belly button in gently. Out my little innie button popped again! I have since checked on it several dozen times, and sure enough, it willingly pops ‘out’ whenever invited. Is this not too early?! Should my belly button not remain decidedly ‘in’ for at least the next couple of months? Some people’s belly buttons never even come out at all! I am afraid that it will pop out, and then spread so thin that I lose my little belly button completely!! I am a little worried about it, and feeling a little sad. I guess you don’t always appreciate little things like your belly button, until you feel its days are numbered! I will do my best not to let it stretch away.


Sandy M. said...

Dad and I sat and read your post together and we hardly know what to tell you, our pensively philosophic and sighingly sad daughter!

Your belly button has ever been a source of fond interest for us too, as well as of marked merriment, but never so much as tonight, when we read about its new adventures and threatened demise.

I really think that you ought to write a poem about it - 'Ode to my Navel', or something similar - to properly remember it by if it does disappear; something suitable that will coax it back to you in the expected event of such an unfortunate occurence!

(Please do add in something about your fascinated fixation to be always checking on it now - it adds a little something in the way of poignancy, don't you think? :)

I dare you :)

Jonny and Jessima said...

hahahaha. I just smiled and laughed inside at your post. My belly button did exactly the same at around the same time. don't worry :)

The sad news is my belly button did stretch to be flat. it got a good clean though :)

The good news is, it does go back to normal after you have the baby. So never fear, you will see the belly button again next year :)


Tammy Lorna said...


And that's all I have to say about that :)

xo Tammy

Cody and Jill said...

sorry i am trying not to laugh at this post but it kinda funny that your button has popped out. you need to Post a picture to share with us:) but mostly post a pregant picture so i can see what you are looking like pregant!!

Bec Davis said...

Oh Abby, your posts amuse me greatly. It is really fun to read about your pregnancy adventures:0)

Bethany said...

ok so i came straight to the comment box and wrote:

...thats all i have to say about that."

but then before i published it i read the other posts and found that tammy wrote the exact same thing!!!
SO my new comment will just be this:

great minds think alike :)

much love to you and your button
bethy xo

Bethany said...

oh and also just on another note, your belly button has been the source of many nightmares in my life ever since its first fated performance of that'Does he love you'song from my best friends wedding, where the twins' belly buttons did the shoop shoop back up.
so i think your belly is merely getting it's comeuppance :)