Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have you seen 'Duplex'??

There's a lovely elderly lady, Sister W., who Mum and I used to visit teach when we were in the same ward as her, who became sort of another grandmother for both of us I think. On Sunday James and I dropped in briefly to see her, and had a lovely visit. During the visit she happened to mention the painter had been and done most of the house, but hadn't done the back steps because one was loose, so she'd have to get a man in to have a look at it. I (looking at James for confirmation, which I got) wondered out loud if James would be able to fix it. It was agreed after a brief look at the steps that James would return lunchtime on Tuesday with his toolbox to tighten it up.

On Tuesday afternoon I asked James to pick me up from school at 5pm after my meetings, and he dashed in all in a hurry at the right time. We got in the car and drove straight back to Sister W's place, where he'd been all afternoon, while James told me how Sister W's step was rotted through, so Sister W had said "Oh that's alright lovey - they'll have wood at the shops you can just pop down there and get some", then "Are you going to paint the steps when you finish?" "Um, oh... sure I guess - do you have the paint?" "Oh no, lovey - just pop down to the shops I'd like turqoise", and "Sister W. I've really got to go now I'm running late for something" "Oh of course, lovey - would you just put my washing machine together though, the gentleman came and pulled it apart the other day because it's not working". It turns out before I even got there, we'd spent $100 buying supplies for James to 'tighten the back step'.

While James went back to work out the back Sister W. sat down to visit for a bit (James assured me he just needed 15 minutes hopefully...). Sister W. could not say nice enough things about James: "Oh your husband is so sweet, lovey! When we realised the wood was rotten through, he offered to go and buy me a new one, then he offered to paint it, and even went and bought the paint! Oh yes, he's just lovely. What a generous man!"

I was cracking up! Sweet, manipulative adorable Sister W.

Finally James dashed in from the back end of the house, 15 minutes after he was due at the chapel for Young Men. He explained that he really had to go, and Sister W. said her goodbye:

"Oh of course lovey. What a shame you didn't finish. You'll be back again tomorow I suppose anyway to do another coat on the stairs, and there's that door that keeps sticking, and I bought a fan the other day that needs putting together...oh no lovey I'm going out tomorow - best make it Thursday then. I'll see you on Thursday lovey! Oh Abby I forgot to give these (handing 3 wafers) to James for his morning tea! Take them and give them to him, love. Thankyou so much, love to you both have a lovely night!"

As we drive away rather briskly, I hand James the afternoon tea substitute for the 3 whole chickens he could easily accomodate in his stomach, and he sighs then shoves one in his mouth.

Mouth curls in disgust as James sinks teeth in, then wafer is thrown out the window. Wafer is stale.

Thoughts turn to Duplex and I slowly grin - Sister W. is pretty sharp. James is going back tomorow - what a generous lad he is!


Tammy Lorna said...

I love this story :) And yes, I'm definately thinking Duplex :)

It's nice for them both to have the opportunity to serve and be served though. And she's probably glad for the company, and glad to get the help.

Too bad about your rent money though... haha!

xo Tammy

Jonny and Jessima said...

I agree with Tammy, an opportunity to serve, but tough at the same time. You guys will be blessed for your efforts. The Lord will repay you in ways you can't imagine!!!

Love ya heaps!

Sandy M. said...

This is your mother. I can post!

And I love you :)

Billy and Button said...

Haha, Dave and I watched Duplex a few weeks back, this story reminds me so much of it! Haha. What a good guy James is. Dave mows our eldery neighbours lawn, and she always repays him with a kiss on the cheek - so sweet! Hehe. Anyway I didnt know your family was a family of bloggers Abby! COme visit my art blog when you get the chance! Kaili

Tammy Lorna said...

Hey, remember when you used to write entries on your blog?

.... Good times :)

xo Tammy

Bethany said...

Oh james lovely, when your done, mum's been on me to clean my room. And after that lovely, I'll be feeling a little peckish for some ice cream dear.
Abby lovely, what a wonderful husband you have! James just offered to clean my room for me, and then pick me up some ice cream from baskin robins! What a lovely, generous, dear man he is!

Sister Abby said...

Lol Bethy you crack me up! Kaili your blog is adorable! Mum I'm stoked you can post! Tammy bite me I'm about to post! - Just because I don't have a cushy 9-3 job and all the free time in the world like you! Jessima you're the only sensible one in this family :)
Love you all! xox